Colonel John Tipton



historic market commemorating Colonel John Tipton's home

Historic Marker commemorating Colonel John Tipton

 John Parrish at The Tipton House in East Tennessee

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I am a descendant of Colonel John Tipton (1730-1813) through his son, Captain Jacob Tipton (1765-1791), who was killed at St. Clair’s Defeat.  Jacob’s son, General Jacob Tipton (1790-1839), married Lorina Taylor (1800-1874), daughter of General Nathaniel Taylor (1771-1816) of Sabine Hill in Washington County, East Tennessee.  General Jacob Tipton and Lorina settled in West Tennessee; he was the surveyor for the 11th District of Tennessee.  In 1823, he laid out a new county north of Shelby County naming it Tipton County for his heroic father.  My mother, Mary Frances Hunt Parrish, was born and raised in Tipton County, Tennessee.

My purpose in establishing this website is to further knowledge of an illustrious American, Colonel John Tipton.  I would hope to interest others in his life, accomplishments and times.  I would also hope to receive additional information on Colonel John and his activities.  In particular, I would be very appreciative of receiving any information about written correspondence from or to Colonel John and/or the existence of any likeness or portrait of him.

Artist Jenny Kilgore does works on consignment.  She is a specialist in the late eighteenth and early nineteenth century history of East Tennessee.  If interested, you may contact Jenny through this website.